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Our Services


Protect your investment you made in your home with Ameribilt. We provide all types of repairs and a variety of high tech, hight quality solutions to permanently resolve your waterproofing needs. 


These are most advanced methods available today and have been used for everything from foundation repairs, concrete crack, concrete reinforcement and foundation walls. 

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Bowed Walls?

A fractured or bowed basement wall is a serious trouble and major hamper on the value and sale of your home. The repair is permanent and quaranteed for life of your home.


We will make your foundation wall 3 times stronger. The latest and inexpensive technology on the market will solve any issues and will reinforce strips to the inside of the walls. 

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Our Expertise

  • Structure and Wall Crack Repairs

  • Bowed Walls Repaired or Replaced

  • Tie Rod Holes & Snap Tie Repairs

  • Sump Pumps with back up Systems

  • Foundation Leaks Stopped and Sealed

  • Grade Correction for Positive Drainage

  • All Voids filled in & around the House

  • Gutter Work to Prevent Trapped Water

  • Epoxy Concrete Crack Injections

  • Interior Drainage Systems

  • Exterior Excavation Systems

  • Carbon-Fiber Wall Reinforcement

  • High Pressure Resin Injections

  • I-Beam Pocket Leaks Stopped

  • Insurance Repairs & Estimates

  • Egress Windows & Window Wells

  • Complete Debris Clean Up

  • All Work Guaranteed in Writing

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